Tre Birke Apartments

Wonderful view of Hammerknuden

Tre Birke consists of 9 apartments centrally located in one of North Bornholm's cosy towns, Sandvig. Hollyhocks and half-timbered houses are the very picture of Sandvig, which both the locals and the holidaymakers enjoy so much. The small harbour in the town centre, Sandvig Bay with the lovely sandy beach and not least Hammerknud's surrounding rocky landscape has made Sandvig the beautiful holiday area where Bornholm's tourism was created over 100 years ago.

Great location

Tre Birke Apartments are so close to the city centre that you can practically hear what they are talking about by the harbour. Despite the short distance to good restaurants and cafes, the beautiful nature with hiking trails and sea views, and 300m to the sandy beach, Trebirke Holiday Apartments are ideally situated for you to relax in peace and enjoy the sun and the buzzing of the bees. We recommend Trebirke to couples who wish for a beautiful base location, with the possibility of great outdoor excursions.

All apartments offer

  • Shared garden with sea view
  • 2 patios
  • Good parking
  • Free Wifi
  • Electricity, water and heating are included