Visit Bornholm off-season

Although summer in Bornholm is something special, the Pearl of the Baltic Sea is well worth a visit off-season too. Yes, many guests actually believe that Bornholm is best off-season. Every season has its charm. Bornholm is also beautiful dressed in autumn's golden colours, lovely in winter's deep quiet calm and optimistic with this spring's budding life and light.

Bornholm offers winning nature experiences that you will not find anywhere else in Denmark. You will feel richer as a person when you have walked one the rocks, breathed in the fresh air from the Baltic Sea and experienced nature's lush fauna in Almindingen, Denmark's third largest forest.

There is also life and light in cities outside of high season. Especially in spring and autumn there are lots of activities and exciting cultural events. Therefore we encourage all our guests to use the Event Calendar. It's a good place to keep up with what is happening.

Get a good deal

House rental prices in D-season are about half off high season prices (season A), so if you can holiday before mid-June or later than the end of August there is a lot of money to be saved.
In season B you typically pay 10-15% less and in season C about 25% less. In season E you can save up to 60%.

Prices for apartment rentals are similarly low.

This means that season IV is around half off the high season price (season I).
In season II you typically pay 10-15% less and in season and about 25% less in season III. In season V you can save up to 60%.

If you travel max. 2 persons staying min. 7 nights outside of high season there is an additional 20% discount on many homes.

In other words you have excellent opportunities for a pleasant stay in a good holiday home for very little money. This provides flexibility for your holiday budget and leaves you with more to spend while on holiday.

Let BORNHOLMTOURS help you to a good holiday in Denmark's best holiday island.