About Bornholmtours

Stay + experiences = lovely holiday

Bornholmtours has since 2006 offered thousands of travellers welcome to Bornholm. We think Bornholm has so much to offer, and we look forward to welcome every visitor.
It is important to us that our guests have a wonderful stay, and our knowledgeable sales and service staff would love to walk that extra mile to ensure that our guests have a wonderful holiday.

Our employees have many years of industry experience, living and working on the island and have a thorough knowledge of Bornholm.

At Bornholmtours we have devoted ourselves exclusively to holidays on Bornholm. We have Bornholm's largest selection of holiday homes, cottages, hotels and holiday resorts all over the island.  Our specialty in short, is Bornholm.

Bornholmtours is a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund and the Association of Danish Holiday House Letters.


Sdr. Hammer 2G
DK-3730 Nexø
CVR: 29175969