Satisfaction, top 10%

These are the most popular holiday homes and apartments with our holiday guests. This chart shows the rentals that our guests are most satisfied with, considering the possible amenities and overall impression compared to the price.

At BORNHOLMTOURS we desire that our customers have a wonderful stay when visiting the island. We therefore ask all our travellers to fill in a satisfaction form after returning from their holidays. We share this feedback with our homeowners. This way we ensure that the properties are kept up to date and that improvements are implemented.


Top 10 per cent: Holiday apartments

Location Object 
Dueodde Read more: 29372957
Gudhjem Read more: 600360176042603860136046
Nexø Read more: 58925893
Rønne Read more: 1312
Sandkås Read more: 710872157207721371037201
Sandvig-Allinge Læs mere: 80638116813180688137
Svaneke Læs mere: 5853581758545869
Årsdale Read more: 5815


Top 10 per cent: Cottages

Location Object 
Balka Læs mere: 326932653271
Dueodde Læs mere: 28852836288228022829283128552824
Hasle Læs mere: 1328
Klemensker Læs mere: 1452
Læs mere: 6522
Sandkås Læs mere: 704170647072
Sandvig Læs mere: 8086
Snogebæk Læs mere: 32143231323332373205
Sømarken Læs mere: 163816081600