In May 2013, Svaneke was given the title "Denmark's most beautiful market town" in a competition organized by Building Culture Denmark.

Svaneke has also received the European Council Gold Medal for Town Preservation in 1975.
It is easy to understand why when you move about in this charming little town, which, incidentally, has developed into a true paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth.
In Svaneke you will find homemade toffees, liquorice, jelly, chocolate, sodas, ice cream, sweets and not least the locally brewed Svaneke beer.

Svaneke is a city for connoisseurs and attracts many of the island's entrepreneurs and artistic personalities. The town has wonderful restaurants, great shopping opportunities and a cozy harbour environment.

Munken Apartments

A gem on the east coast of Bornholm - Svaneke is a charming market town where timbered houses and merchants' houses are beautifully situated by the sea. Centrally located in the town there is Munken Apartments. From Munken Apartments, which has a super cozy courtyard, you are only a two minutes walk away from the town square and the harbour, whic...Read more