Snogebæk is probably the place in the southeast part of Bornholm, which is at its most idyllic during summer. The city has a great location – right between two of the island's most famous sandy beaches, Balka and Dueodde Strand.

With access to two such splendid beaches, guests are faced with a real "luxury problem" in having to choose which one to use.

Snogebæk has retained its original charm as a fishing village, and has over the years developed into a small habitat with several good restaurants and cafes.

Snogebæk also produces excellent chocolate and organic ice cream. And along the main road around the harbour you will find small shops with Bornholm’s arts and craft, mainly glass and ceramics.

A good ice cream on a sunny day, beach life and only 5 km to Nexø. It makes Snogebæk a popular destination for both travellers and the local population of Bornholm.