Sandkås, as the name might suggest, is a place with lots of sand. Sandkås is a seaside resort that has flourished around Sandkås beach, located between the towns of Allinge and Tejn./p>

Sandkås beach on the list of particularly lovely sandy beaches on the island, although it is not among the biggest. Besides the pure seawater, which characterizes Bornholm, this beach excels by its aesthetic allure of beautiful cliffs and its lovely soft sand.

Sandkås is the right place to redeem a bathing ticket and enjoy beach life.

Brinken Apartments

The most beautiful view of the Baltic Sea - Brinken Holiday Apartments offer something truly special. 7 fantastic holiday apartments, where everything has been done to create the perfect setting for your holiday. Uninterrupted views of the sea and only a stone's throw from Sandkå's lovely sandy beach. It does something good for the body and soul...Read more

Sjølyst & Sandy Hook Apartments

Seaside resort with a large S - At the island's best beach resort, Sandkås, you find Sjølyst & Sandy Hook Apartments side by side in two previous neighbouring hotels. Sandkås sports a lot of laid-back holiday fun and a good mood. After a long day at the beach, it's great to be able to pull back a little and relax in Sjølyst or Sandy Hook Apartmen...Read more

Søterrasserne Apartments

Sand and water - When you live on Søterrasserne Apartments, you can almost hear the waves lapping on the beach. Only 100 meters away is one of the sunny coastline’s most beautiful beaches, created by nature between striking cliff formations that are so characteristic of Bornholm. All apartments have sea views, so there is good opportunity to expe...Read more

Villa Sandkås

Stars and Superstars - Bornholm has many truly lovely holiday homes and whilst the quality is already high on Bornholm, there are of course those that standout. Some stars shine brighter and stand higher in the sky; Villa Sandkås is without doubt one of these. First class villa on the beautiful north coast - Villa Sandkås is in the perfect locat...Read more