Rutsker Feriecenter

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Picturesque Countryside

Close to fields and woodlands, and only a stone’s throw from the highest located church in Denmark, is where you will find Rutsker Feriecenter.

If you need peace and quiet, and a lovely holiday with the family, then Rutsker Feriecenter is the place to be.

At Rutsker Feriecenter we focus on the fact that it is fun to be a child. There is plenty of room to play both inside and out.

The holiday centre has a nature playground and minigolf, as well as its own lake located in the garden which is really popular all summer long.

If you like to stay active then Rutsker Feriecenter is a good place for your vacation. The area is known for its hilly terrain and whimsical paths, which meander through the landscape. This makes the area well-suited to cycling and walking.

Far off the beaten track

Even though Rutsker Feriecenter is a peaceful and quiet location, it is still far from “the Bornholm wilderness”. It is great to have the option to decide for yourself how much fun and activity you want. You can always take a step back and enjoy the nature, whilst listening to the birds singing and the bees humming.

All accommodations offer

  • Free WiFi
  • Free electricity (not 1001-1012), water and heating
  • Loads of space and lovely countryside
  • Wonderful lake