Rø Holiday Homes

Golf galore

Rø Holiday Homes is a beautiful, quiet area, right by the North-Bornholms Golf Course. It is a given to bring your golf clubs when holidaying in this lovely area.

Rø has many other qualities too. Rø Holiday is close to Bornholm's prettiest and Denmark's only mountain town Gudhjem. A few kilometres from Rø is the largest waterfall in Døndalen and Bornholm Art Museum, which has art of an international level and open all year.


Rø Holiday Homes is a good choice if you like to keep active during your holiday. The area is well suited for mountain biking. Rø Plantage offers some of Denmark’s best trails. If you prefer biking on country roads, expect to be well challenged by the hilly terrain. There are bike paths a few meters from the residence.

The stretch of coast from Gudhjem to the northern tip is best described as beautiful with a side dish of beautiful. A lovely bicycle ride.

In Rø Holiday Homes you live well on a budget. The location is central and offers many fine activities throughout the season.

All residences offer

  • Wifi
  • High quality with modern, attractive décor
  • Short distance (few meters) from the bike path, golf courses and beautiful scenery
  • Only 10 minute drive to Gudhjem and sandy beach
  • Good value for money