Frequently asked questions


We travel with a wheelchair user. Do you vacation rentals that are suitable for wheelchair users?
As a starting point we have no products where we can guarantee that they are generally suitable for the disabled, but we often succeed in finding accommodation that covers your needs. There is often a big difference between the requirements of each wheelchair user. Therefore we ask you to call us and have a chat, so we can hopefully find a house or an apartment that fits your needs.

In these accommodations, we have previously had wheelchair users as guests:: 1321, 5854, 5855, 23231, 23222, 23233, 68064


May we bring a pet to the holiday home?
It depends from home to home whether you can bring a pet. If you search for accommodation via the red search box to the right, be sure to select "Pet: Yes". If you book in a different way, you can check if pets are allowed in the selected holiday home by opening the tab "Important information". You will be charged a fee to bring a pet. In most rentals the fee is DKK 125. If you book a hotel, a guesthouse or a youth hostel this fee may vary.


May we bring more than 1 pet to the holiday home?

As a general rule, only 1 pet and only in the homes where pets are allowed (see above). If you wish to bring more than one pet, you need to contact BORNHOLMTOURS to inquire about this.


Is there internet access in all our holiday lets?

Most holiday lets have internet access, but not all of them. It will be listed under facilities of each property in the details section of our website. 

If the property does not have internet access, then it is possible to hire a wireless router by contacting our office.


We have certain requirements for our holiday rental. How do we best go about finding the right accommodation?
Use the red search function on the right hand side to find the holiday homes that suits your wishes according to location, facilities and equipment, size, etc. Lots of pictures will help you to make the right choice


When do I pay for my journey?
If you book earlier than 60 days prior to arrival, the journey is paid in two instalments: 25% of the total amount is paid within 10 days from ordering. The balance is due to be paid 60 days before arrival. If you book within 60 days before arrival, the entire journey is to be paid upon booking.


How do I pay for the journey?
You can pay by credit card, or you can pay online via Internet banking using the FI code shown in your booking confirmation. To pay online, go to your booking via this link: My bookings (find the password in the booking confirmation). When you pay online it works the same way as if paying by giro. We do not send giros.


According to the booking confirmation we should have paid today, but the bank is closed. What do we do?
The easiest is to follow the link in the mail with the booking confirmation and pay by credit card. There is no extra charge to pay by credit card. Alternatively, you can pay online via Internet banking on the first available business day (see bank details in the attached booking confirmation). For bookings made less than 7 days prior to arrival, you must pay for the journey by credit card.


We do not have a credit card. How do we pay?
You can also pay for the journey online via Internet banking. Use the FI code on the attached booking confirmation.


I have given you my account number – why can’t you just deduct the 2. instalment?
It is not possible for us to withdraw the amount from your account, even though we have your account number. The account number can only be used by us to deposit money back into your account.


I paid the 1. instalment by credit card - can you withdraw the 2. instalment from the card?
Unfortunately no. We do not accept credit card information, just the amount charged (even if you have booked via


How do I order ferry tickets?
You can order your ferry ticket through Bornholmtours, when you book your accommodation. Just follow the instructions on the website.


What type of ticket can I order through Bornholmtours?
At Bornholmtours you can order the so called “standard tickets”, which means tickets with a certain degree of flexibility when it comes to changes and cancellations. It is not possible to buy fixed (non-flexible) low price tickets through Bornholmtours.


Can we change our ferry times?

Ferry tickets bought through Bornholmtours can be changed, although restrictions may apply close to the date of travel. You can, as a rule, always change your ferry departure time to another time on the same day, as long as this departure has available space. Tickets for foot passengers, cars and seniors all have slightly different alteration conditions, so we ask you to contact Bornholmtours to discuss your options.


Is it necessary to book tickets in advance?

Yes, we absolutely recommend booking your ferry tickets well in advance, as many departures sell out, especially during the summer.


How much do we pay for consumption?
In most rentals - but not all - you should settle electricity consumption by meter. In some holiday homes, this also applies to water consumption. In very few homes there may be other operating expenses. You can see what applies to your specific holiday home under the tab "Important Information" in the property presentation on our website.


How do we pay for consumption?
If you have already paid a deposit, you only need to read the meter upon arrival and departure. You do not pay for consumption upon departure in this case, because we automatically deduct the right amount before we refund your deposit. You must however always remember to read the meter both upon arrival and departure.
If you have NOT have paid a deposit when booking, you must calculate the consumption and put the money in an envelope along with the key and the consumer leaflet before departure from Bornholm.


What is a deposit?
We charge on many - but not all - holiday rentals a deposit in addition to the fare. The deposit is refunded after the stay if the property is left without damage and the agreed cleaning condition. Prior to refund we deduct any consumption costs, so that you do not have to pay that cost upon departure.


Why should we pay a deposit?
Most accommodations are owned by ordinary families who enjoy their holiday homes and wish that they would be taken good care of. We charge a deposit as partial security for any damage to property, for instance lack of or inadequate cleaning, as well as payment for consumed electricity and possibly water or heat (check the tab "Important information" in the property presentation of the holiday home, whether you will need to pay for electricity, water and/or heat).


How much is the deposit?
The deposit varies. The amount depends on the size of the property and the length of your stay. In general the deposit is min. DKK 450/max. DKK 1,500.


When is the deposit refunded?
Deposits are refunded within three weeks of departure, provided that we have received your bank account information. You can supply the bank account number when you book, or you can add it in your booking on our website via My bookings.


Where do we pick up and return the key to our holiday rental?
You can see where to collect the key on your booking confirmation that you will receive before departure. If you have rented an apartment or a house, you must generally always collect the key from Circle K (ex. Statoil) on Zahrtmannsvej 99 in Rønne. If you have booked a hotel, guesthouse or youth hostel, you collect and return the key at the front desk at the resort. BUT - there are exceptions, and it is therefore important that you read the papers before your departure from home. The key collection site will always appear on the booking confirmation.


Can we get the key before 15:00 h on the day of arrival?
Yes, you can get the key from 10:00 h onwards, but you will not have access to the rental before 15:00 h. If you want to collect the key before 10:00 h, you need to make a special arrangement with BORNHOLMTOURS.


How late can we get the key in the evening?
Key collection from Circle K (ex. Statoil) is always 24 h open every day round the year.

Key collection elsewhere: All hotels, guesthouses, cottages and holiday resorts have different routines regarding times for key collection. All sites will however have an option for late arrival. Just be sure to let us know your time of arrival in advance, so we can inform the accommodation.


Can we return the key early in the morning?
Key return is at Circle K (ex. Statoil): Yes, it is always 24 h open for key return every day around the year.

Key Delivery at Romantik Apartments: Yes, just put the key in the mailbox when it suits you.

Key Delivery elsewhere: Early delivery is usually possible to arrange with the reception during your stay.


Can we return the key later than 10:00 h on the day of departure?
You must leave the property at 10:00 h, but you don’t have to return the key until later. It just needs to be returned on the day of departure (except at the check-out for hotels, cabins, resorts and guesthouses). Key return may be arranged in relation to ferry departure.



Page 2 of the booking confirmation is empty. Am I missing a page?
No. If page 2 is empty, you are not missing a page. This happens due to the page setup on your computer/printer. You do not have to do anything about it.


What is the cost of cleaning, linen and other optional extras?
The price of cleaning depends on where you stay. You can see the price of cleaning of your holiday home via this link: My bookings. Linen package costs DKK 135 per person. High chair and cot can be hired for DKK 21 per day.


What are "Optional extras"?
"Optional extras" is a count of the extra acquisitions, which stand next to each name further down in the booking confirmation. Optional extras can be cleaning, linen, bropases or the like.


We would like to use our bropases on days other than those stated on the voucher. Is this possible?
Yes. The bropas is valid until the date on it that says "Valid through" on the ticket, and does not depend on your travel dates to/from Bornholm.

Did you find answers to your questions? If not - please do not hesitate to contact us.


I am not satisfied with the holiday accomodation
If you experience problems with your accomodation, then please contact us as soon as possible, and we will do what we can to make you happy, so you can enjoy your holiday on Bornholm.

A 24 hour telephone number can be found on the business card, which is in the bag that included your key for your accomodation.


What do the symbols on the floorplan mean?
You will find a description of all the symbols on this page.