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A stay in a holiday apartment is just right for you if you like to have lots of life around you, and are more concerned about the location of a place rather than how much space you’ll get. Many apartments offer access to communal facilities such as garden, playground, laundry or swimming pool during summer. In BORNHOLMTOURS our range includes more than 300 apartments spread throughout the island.

In addition to the many apartments in apartment buildings, we also offer some apartments in private homes, on farms or the like. These apartments are privately owned and decorated in the owner's personal style.

Use the red search function on the right side to find the home that fits your wishes regarding location, facilities and equipment, size, etc. Lots of pictures will aid you in making the right choice.
Most apartments have an arrival date and the possibility of short breaks (min. 3 days) all season.

Season calendar: Holiday Apartment 2019

The season calendar for our homes shows how each individual time period is priced. I-season is the most expensive while V-season is the cheapest.Read more

Practical Info

Worth knowing about Holiday Apartments - Key collection In most cases, the tenant picks up the key to the holiday home before the rental starts, collection starts from 15:00 h on the day of arrival. The address for the key collection is evident in the rental certificate. On the day of departure the tenant must return the key to the holiday home...Read more

Satisfaction, top 10%

The most popular holiday homes and apartments - This chart shows the rentals that our guests are most satisfied with, considering the possible amenities and overall impression compared to the price in 2018. At Bornholmtours we desire that our customers have a wonderful stay when visiting the island. We therefore ask all our travellers to fill in a...Read more