Dueodde, the beach with the fine white sand. In fact, so fine that it has been used in hourglasses.

Dueodde is Bornholm's largest beach with miles of beach and dune area. This beach starts from the small and idyllic Snogebæk, where it is quite narrow. It continues around the island's southernmost point, where it stretches out and is several hundred meters wide.

It is not without reason that Dueodde is considered one of Europe's best beaches. It obviously attracts many beach visitors during summer. It is a very popular beach.

Fortunately Dueodde Strand is big enough for all. There is plenty of room, even if everyone on the island should decide to go to the beach simultaneously.

You'll easily find your own space on this beach. There are both sand dunes and hollows where you can find shelter - and be undisturbed.