A classic Bornholmian holiday

For many people, a stay in a Danish holiday home is the ultimate way to experience holiday atmosphere and freedom. The holiday homes are as diverse as their owners, and often located in the countryside and along the coast. These homes allow you to be together at your family's own terms and own pace, and to do exactly what you most desire to do during your holiday.

Houses with personality

The holiday homes are privately owned and used by the owner as a sanctuary from everyday life. Therefore, these houses are decorated with personality and warmth, with typical Danish sense of décor, representing the Nordic holiday mood.

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Good cottage areas


Close to the beach

A few weeks in a cottage close to the beach, is a classic Bornholm holiday form. If you say "beach", most people think of Dueodde, which is one of Denmark's most famous and cleanest beaches. We have several fine holiday areas in which you stay near the beach. We have lots of wonderful beaches and beautiful cliffs in Bornholm, and we are happy to sh...Read more


There are many lovely areas with holiday homes in Bornholm. The advantage of holidaying in a cottage area is that you can be sure that the concentration of homes with top location is always high. In the Bornholm cottage areas where BORNHOLMTOURS operate, there is great variety in both nature and locality. All areas have in common the great amenity...Read more

Cottage info

Get a holiday experience with character by renting a cottage on Bornholm. All our holiday houses are unique and furnished in their owners' personal style. With over 300 homes in the portfolio, BORNHOLMTOURS offers holiday experiences for any taste and budget. Several of the homes have wonderful locations close to the beach or shore. We also have lo...Read more

Houseboat on Bornholm

Holiday on water - On Bornholm it has previously only been yachtsmen that took vacations on the water. However, from 2019 holidaymakers with maritime dreams, looking for holiday homes with high comfort, can now fulfil those wishes with a wonderful holiday on a locally built houseboat. Staying in a houseboat is a unique experience. Just think, aft...Read more