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Many holidaymakers come back year after year to spend their break in a cottage close to a lovely sandy beach.
At Bornholmtours we have more than 350 cottages on Bornholm.
Many cottages are close to the beach and are available in many different sizes and styles. Whether your travel party consist of many or just a few people, we have a holiday cottage that is right for you.

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Balka Strand is Bornholm's most child-friendly beach. The water is shallow and clear. The sand is clean and fine. Balka Strand is sheltered from the winds from the west. It makes the water calmer and results in only small soft waves on days when the sea isn’t calm. Balka is a popular beach for families with small children. During high season lifegu...Read more


Boderne is a small fishing village, located on the southern tip of Bornholm. Apart from a few cottages and some other holiday houses, Boderne consists mostly of a lovely sandy beach and an ice cream parlour. Boderne is not overrun with travellers. This means Boderne has retained its original charm. This is a small coastal gem. Several guests experi...Read more


Dueodde, the beach with the fine white sand. In fact, so fine that it has been used in hourglasses. Dueodde is Bornholm's largest beach with miles of beach and dune area. This beach starts from the small and idyllic Snogebæk, where it is quite narrow. It continues around the island's southernmost point, where it stretches out and is several hundred...Read more


Snogebæk is probably the place in the southeast part of Bornholm, which is at its most idyllic during summer. The city has a great location – right between two of the island's most famous sandy beaches, Balka and Dueodde Strand. With access to two such splendid beaches, guests are faced with a real "luxury problem" in having to choose which one to...Read more


Sømarken beach is next to Dueodde beach. Comparing the two beaches, Sømarken is the rougher and more varied one, whereas Dueodde has soft sand and shallow waters. The sand in Sømarken is coarser, the water gets deep quickly and there are some big rocks in the water that can only be used to jump in from. In other words, it is a real macho beach! But...Read more