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Choose from our many wonderful apartments, beautifully located by South-Bornholm’s white sand beaches, in the most charming urban environments and with the most beautiful view to North-Bornholm's rocky coast. BORNHOLMTOURS’ range includes over 300 apartments throughout the entire island.

With our wide range of apartments you can always find a good base for a short getaway or nice long holiday.

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Allinge and Sandvig were originally two separate cities, which today have almost grown together. Allinge is full of life and happy days with good music venues and smokehouses. Allinge is the island's jazz mecca. Here are restaurants and good shops. Many boaters visit the city's charming port throughout the season. Every year in the month of June (w...Read more


Boderne is a bit of an overlooked jewel on Bornholm's southern coast. Boderne is located midway between Rønne and Dueodde and is a historic fishing village. The small harbour is still there. Boderne has retained its original charm, and because of its particular location, most guests experience a different tranquillity and warmth in this cozy neighb...Read more


Dueodde makes up most of the southeastern corner of Bornholm. With kilometers of long sandy beaches, with fine white sand and an impressive dune landscape, it really has something to offer to both beach and nature lovers. Dueodde is a very popular tourist destination, and attracts many visitors. Thankfully there is lots of space for everyone on Due...Read more


Gudhjem is Denmark's only mountain village and is considered by many to be Bornholm's prettiest town. The red-tiled roofs of the houses are draped down over the cliffside and gathered around in the flat area around the harbour. From Gudhjem harbour it is possible to go by sailboat along the rocky shore, or to go on day trips by boat to fascinating...Read more


On the beautiful western coastline of Bornholm, you will find Hasle, 10 kilometres north of Rønne. Hasle has long ago transitioned from primarily being just a fishing village, to a sun-drenched oasis, where you can easily spend all day on the lovely sandy beach or by the maritime area around the floating harbour bath. Hasle has its own smoke house,...Read more


Sandkås, as the name might suggest, is a place with lots of sand. Sandkås is a seaside resort that has flourished around Sandkås beach, located between the towns of Allinge and Tejn./p> Sandkås beach on the list of particularly lovely sandy beaches on the island, although it is not among the biggest. Besides the pure seawater, which characterizes B...Read more


Stammershalle is the picturesque piece of coastline located between Gudhjem and Allinge. At Stammershalle you can experience rocky heaths and antiquities dating back to the Bornholm Bronze Age. Today Stammershalle is best known for its seaside hotel, originally built in 1911. Stammershalle Badehotel really delivers in terms extraordinary dining exp...Read more


In May 2013, Svaneke was given the title "Denmark's most beautiful market town" in a competition organized by Building Culture Denmark. Svaneke has also received the European Council Gold Medal for Town Preservation in 1975. It is easy to understand why when you move about in this charming little town, which, incidentally, has developed into a true...Read more


Aakirkeby is Bornholm's third largest city, but as opposed to (the island's two largest) Rønne and Nexø, it is located inland. Aakirkeby is also called Flower Town. The name comes from the fact that for more than 40 years it has been hosting a flower festival every summer. It is beautiful, colourful and fragrant scenery that meets all visitors to t...Read more

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A stay in a holiday apartment is just right for you if you like to have lots of life around you, and are more concerned about the location of a place rather than how much space you’ll get. Many apartments offer access to communal facilities such as garden, playground, laundry or swimming pool during summer. In BORNHOLMTOURS our range includes more...Read more